Havana Twistss Havana Twists are very unique and stylish African hair braiding styles; guaranteed to turn heads.
Micro / Mini Braids Micro / mini braids are tiny, single braids usually braided half-way and leaving the rest of the hair. It can be done with either natural or synthetic hair.
Box / Janet Braids Box braids are amongst the trendiest summer hairstyles. It is boho chic and very stylish
French Braids French braids are some of the most popular braid types. This braiding style involves weaving small pieces of hair on top of the main braid, which lays close to the scalp. The final result very sophisticated
Cornrows Braiding Styles Cornrows are very popular. They are small, tight braids that line up against the scalp. Cornrow braids can be very creative. Releasing cornrows after a day or two results in exceptionally curly hair.
African Hair Braiding Styles Herringbone / Fish Braids Herringbone braids are thin, layered braids that use lots of small intertwined pieces of hair. These braids are named “herringbone braids” because the braid resembles the skeleton of a fish.
Dutch Braids Dutch braids are similar to French braids but this style tends to be looser and more relaxed-looking than a French braid.
Fishtail Braids African Hair Braiding Styles Fishtail braids are similar to Herringbone braids but a lot looser.
African Hair Braiding Styles Lace Braids Lace braids are simple braids that crown the head of the wearer in a half-moon shape, like a tiara.
African Hair Braiding Styles Yarn Braids Yarn braids are exactly what the name implies—braids, made out of yarn.. More pictures of african braiding in Madison here