Braiding Hair

Long and old back history at least 5000 years. Braid also referred as a Plait. Braid hair style is wearied or styled by all around the world including Asia, Africa, Egypt, US and even some part of Europe. Most common black women are loved to be braid style. African hair braiding can be traced back as far as 3500 B.C. In Egypt, braiding hair was practiced on wigs that Royal Egyptian wore. France braiding was used to keep the hair clean.

There are many different style in braids style. Braid style help you look different every day, it is easy to change style. If you decided to braid your hair on a regular style then it give you break from the daily cleaning and washing which may cause harm to your hair.

Braid hair style need a different type of care for your hair. If you like to wash it then you need be careful that your braid don’t have to tight. If your braid are too tight it may damage your hair or Hair fall. It also cause headaches as well.

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