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"I have been getting my hair braided at this shop for a while and every time they do a great job. I would Highly recommend it!" Chenia D, Madison WI

"I just got my braids done here for the first time with Dora and my braids are so neat. I will be back again and I recommend you to go here high quality work and low prices." Marilyn S, Milwaukee


General price range ~ $150 to $200
box braids ~ $200 and plus
kinky braids ~ $180
cornrows ~ $120

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We are African Hair braiding Salon, located in Madison WI. We services clients in around Madison and Milwaukee. Quality and customer services is what define us.
Dora salon will ensure that your hair is handled with special care, regarless of it length. We will braid your hair with love, attention.
You will pay less than you have paid with any local hair braiding shop. We have thousands of pictures, and styles of hair that you can choose from.
We braiding the following african hair styles: Cornrows, Micro braids, Interlocks, Invisible braids, Senegalese twist, Flax twist, Kinky twist, Box braids, Casamas, Corkscrew, Bob style
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70 Most Popular Black Braided Hairstyles That Will Turn Your Head Stunning

Braids are the most effective and easiest way that will let you stay for months without having to worry about your hairstyle. In addition, it will help you protect your hair from harsh conditions while giving a rest. Do not forget that you will look attractive as many people will be admiring your hairstyle.

Braided hairstyles involve a lot of creativity as there are a variety of techniques that are used to make each individual head looks very unique. This is because the techniques involve different experiment with curly texture, patterns, clips, shapes, etc.

Hair thickness and natural perm will be a good advantage that will add to the unique style of your hair. You might be amazed how astonishing your hair will be despite the fact that it looked bad before. So it is a good idea for turning your hair into a braided head.

African hair is easy to braid because it is able to adapt to different styles such as cornrows, micro-braids, blocky braids, twist braids, fish braids, hair bands, tree braids, French braids and a lot more styles.

As soon as you decide on a braiding style, as well as the thickness and have eventually braid your hair, you are able to shape your braids in different amazing hairstyles according to the way you want them to be.

According to historians braids have been around for more than 2000 years B.C. You can ask yourself how they could have survived for quite that long. That means they have something special, unlike any other hairstyle. Every year famous hairstyle designers display new braids at fashion shows which are very fancy and attractive.

Popular Black Braided Hairstyles That Are In Trends

When it comes to hairstyle things are changing fast and much easier. A few hair twists will result to a new hairstyle and here are some of the most amazing hair trends:

  • Edgy and tight cornrow hairstyles, cornrowed buns. For many years cornrows have been considered as a casual hairstyle but currently, people are starting to take them seriously.
  • Wrap-around the braids as well as twists for black hair with fresh flowers. These are messy and loose.
  • Extremely loose whimsical braids for long hair. The braids are made to start from the mid-shaft, as a result, it is unnoticeable in the front while looking sloppy in the back.
  • Low braided burns. Braided bun styles add an advantage to elegance making you stand out among the rest.
  • The twisted rope braids. These are long 3 dimensional braids which are good for long thick hair.

The Best Gorgeous Black Braided Hairstyles

These are the best-braided hairstyles that you should consider giving a shot.

  1. Criss-Cross Goddess Braids

These are also known as the goddess braids and are the best option when you decide to give your hair a rest. You can also use this type when you want to spend a long time without having to worry about your hair. These do not consume a lot of time to do and they are easily taken out.

  1. Dynamic Side-Swept Cornrows

These are very popular especially to African Americans as they are good at protecting the hair against manipulation and heat. Besides, they are so cute and come in different designs.

  1. Asymmetrical Goddess Braids

This is created by mixing different plaits that vary in sizes forming braid hairstyles that lead to texture and dimension. Mixing thin braids and chunky is not expected. This is more interesting as compared to normal plaits. Its uniqueness keeps the hairdo fun and fresh. You can add gold cuffs and beads to make final touch and uniqueness.

  1. Long Chunky Black Braids

These come in style consisting of alternating very thin braids which make the hairdo attractive. You can experiment the extensions’ length and volume as you want them to be.

  1. Feed-in Braids

If you want to make the cornrow hairstyle look natural as well as less bulky than you should opt for this style. This creates a flat and narrow point at the hairline. In addition, it decreases tension and protects the edges. You have these made in any African Braiding Salon.

  1. Braided Ponytail

No matter how attractive braids can be, braiding hair may sometimes seem heavy especially with hairstyles that have individual plaits. A cornrow ponytail is an ideal style when it comes to casual updo that will not strain your edges.

  1. Cornrows that is Enclosed by Headband Braid

If you want to have a protective style this should be your choice. With this style, all your endings will be tucked away and you will not have to worry about your hair breakage. You must wrap your hair with a scarf whenever you go to sleep in order to make it last longer.

  1. Curly Mohawk with Flat Twisted Side

You do not have to shave your tresses to create a Mohawk, you can experiment with a variety of braid styles. You will have a chance to keep your length, as well as show off your edges. To keep your curls fresh, you will have to go to bed while your ends are into two-strand twists. In the morning when you take them out, you will notice that your hair is in luscious mane style.

  1. Thin Black Box Braids with Burgundy Highlights

Many people do not like dying their hair as the bleach can be damaging when it comes to African-American tresses. This is what makes the box braids very amazing. You have to select colored extensions in order to make bright pop, mixing highlights into your real hair.

  1. Cornrows Mohawk and Box Braids

You can make the Mohawk into your own by adding more and more braids. You can braid the top of your style by joining your hair together to create a pompadour. Leave the rest loose to hang. You will get extra height out of this style.

  1. Half-Updo accompanied with Long Freely-Hanging Braids

These braided Ghana long weaving hairstyles are common to African American women, especially during the summer period. Enhance your look by creating a half-updo that includes a good looking height at the top.

  1. Perfect Black Braided Ponytail

If you need to grow you are stressed at the same time supporting some kind of back skimming locks then natural braids are good for you. Box braids are easily maintained as will always stay out of your face when you are busy working.

  1. Snake Braids

Curvy and long braids might not be your ideal cornrows, but the style is not much difference. You can try this style if you need to try out a hairstyle where the hair is closely braided to the scalp. To add extra bling, mix it with gold color.

  1. Chunky Mohawk Braids

Mohawk braids will let you try out the shaved hairstyle without having to cut your hair. There are a lot of designs that come with this style that includes the long parts of your hair. You can cornrow it in different ways like twisting; wear African braids and a lot more.

  1. Chunky Mohawk Braid accompanied with Cornrows

Chunky braids is an ideal style for black hair and as a matter of fact, thicker braids are very easy to undo when you get tired of them. In addition, it has different designs of changing the Mohawk. You can wear it while it is braided down your back or you can twist into a retro-bouffant till to the top.

  1. Curly Hairstyle with Crochet Braids

These will help you when you hate wearing a weave. You can wear the braids down or wear it up in a ponytail. Your imagination is the limit as there is a lot you can do with the style. You may mix crochet braids together with colored kanekalon hair so as to create a bleach-free look of color.

  1. Triangle Box Braids

Braided hairstyle gives you a chance to experiment with different designs expressing your creativity. This style is classy, cool, and unexpected giving you a fresh feel.

  1. Ghana Braids Bun

If you are looking for something simpler and you do not want to have braids all over your head this is the best option for you. It is simple but classier where the braids are made of additional hair and that means you do not have to worry about the length of your hair.

  1. Cornrows with High Twisted Bun

Updos will make you cute and comfortable. Besides, it is a classy black braided style that will enhance your looks with less effort. You will not need to remake it every morning and that means it is the best choice for women who have a busy lifestyle.

  1. Feed-In Bun with Ghana Braids

Cover your Ghana braids creating a bun shape. Ghana braids are thick and beautiful while they are sophisticated and sleek making them perfect for a day at the office or a night out.

  1. Fancy Twisted Updo

When you wear your hair up you create a refined feel and look. This style uses texture in making the updo more identical. This style is ideal for women with natural hair who want to have a polished and protective thing.

  1. Half Cornrows Half Individual Braid

Braided hairstyles when it comes to black women are extremely creative and well as versatile. A mixture of cornrows with loose box braids is among the way to prove this. Then wooden beads are attached at the ends of different types of braids creating a boho touch.

  1. Curvy Ghana Braids with Crown Bun

You can add some whimsy to your deadlocks using curvy Ghana braids. The swirling made by the plaits is cute and makes the bun so beautiful. This is a perfect style for people looking to have bold appearing.

  1. Updo with Thin Wavy Feed-Ins

There is nothing wrong if you decide to stick with thinner plaits. You can twist the ends in case you think you need more volume. Enjoy with and you may ask your stylist to be artistic with your design.

  1. Braids with Curves

Many people enjoy wearing braids because you can create designs while you do not have to shave them into your hair. You can do a lot with the parts or by just manipulating the real braid. All you have to do is pick something that interests you and then use it on your braids.

  1. Thick and Thin Asymmetrical Fee-in Braid

These kinds of braids are famous for their cool-factor. If you want your hairstyle to look cool, asymmetrical Ghana braids must be your option. The style is eye-catching as it prevents the thicker braids overpowering the thinner ones.

  1. Upside Down Braids to Bun

If you need something that is super bold and sleek, this is your best available option. It has cornrows leading into a ponytail or into a bun. You might wear the ends down to have a casual look or up in case, you need something with an extra dresser.

  1. Braided Hairstyle Accompanies by Jumbo French Braid

As it becomes larger it turns into sassy. You can try it during weekends when you’re going out with your friends.

  1. Twisted Black and Magenta Mohawk

You can protect your natural hair in a stylish way. With this style, you can experiment with a variety of braid voluminous and twists for irresistible texture.

  1. Bold Triangle Parted Box Braids

It is common to see modern women having braided hairstyle. You can make a regular style turn into new and fresh one by altering the braids’ size as well as parting the braids. Make larger braids to have a 90’s revival with a mixture of trends that are currently on trend.

  1. Purple Highlights in Black Braids

Besides the extra thickness and length, additional air gives you the ability to play around with color. You can weave in a few colors to create a highlight effect. New braider can easily adapt to it because it has simple patterns and does not require much time to complete. You can add a softer twist by twisting the curvy part into a wavy shape.

  1. Braided Bun

Previously large braided updos were a style for older women. But as it always turns out that everything old eventually turns into new as currently younger woman are interested in this style.

  1. Long Braids for Black Hair

No matter if you are trying to elongate your hair, these chunky black braids offer the best option for those who have short natural hair as they can easily slip out or result in too much tension. You can solve this by feeding small tight cornrows within the larger ones.

  1. Wavy Straight-Back Braids

One of the popular classic cornrow styles is the back look style. It is among the styles that are easily mastered by new braiders since it is easy as it as simple patterns and does not need a lot of time to do it.

  1. Intricate Boxer Braid

This is a kind of hairstyle that is good at showing your personality as well as your taste. They are gorgeous and protective. You can look for intricate braided hairstyles that will protect your hair as well as make it stunning.

  1. Braided Updo Style Accompanied by Curls Specifically for Short Hair

You do not have to have a fully braided hairstyle in order to get that effect. Just braid the back hair and leave the front part for the spiral curl. It works better with short to medium length hair.

  1. The Forward Braided Bun

Why keep the same hairstyle for a long time. Make a change to a loosely voluminous braided bun hairstyle that works well with black women having medium-sized to long sized hair.

  1. Jumbo Double Twisted Updo

This is a simple hairstyle for black women who have natural hair that works for glamorous moments as well as dressy events. It can be created within five minutes and that means it is a quick and easy black braided hairstyle.

  1. Big Top Bun with a Headban

This hairstyle overlaps three divided distinctive parts in a bun adding visual interest. You can modify it more by dying its ends as well as adding a bright headband.

  1. Poetic Justice Braids

This among the most popular braids style out there. It is named after the braided style used by Janet Jackson back in the 90’s blockbuster movie. You can pair it with Bantu knots creating an eye-catching effect.

  1. Two Bun Mohawk Accompanied by Undercuts

You can look stunning with your shaved sections along with double larger spunky braided buns.

  1. Long, Flowing, and Braided

This is a signature to black women and girls. There are varieties of braids that vary from locs and twists to flowing box braids. In addition, color, design, and size all come in stunning varieties.

  1. Long Curvy Braid

Braids are versatile and that is why black women like them. It creates a basis for creating many protective styles as well as creating stunning hairstyles when applied to natural hair or extensions. Long curvy braid is an asymmetrical style which you can add curvy plaits alongside curvy partings and make sure that your hair is slick and tamed.

  1. Black Braided Bun Updo

This includes loops, swirls, and swoops, with thick plaits, thin cornrows, with a perfect curled baby like hairs. This style has a lot of braiding patterns letting you work around with them.

  1. Long Braided Faux Hawk

This style takes braided hair in a whole next level in making, appearance as well as its thickness. It has a lot of braiding styles, where natural braided hair is mixing the side and back hair. You can create different styles according to preference depending on whether your hair is long, thin, short, thick, etc. All you have to do is pick the kind of hair that you would like to use for extensions.

  1. Cornrows with a Twist

These types of braids are cultural hairstyles common for many black men and women. The rows are set accurately in patterns which show the skills and art that is within the crafting of the hairstyle. The thick braids that are on top can be made using extensions or natural hair.

  1. Black Braided Bun

Braided updos are sophisticated as well as elegant but they are still fun, also versatile with a lot of flavors giving you enough options to choose. The style starts with cornrows that create a thick, braided bun. High top knots are very classy and match with any outfit.

  1. Mohawk accompanied with Criss-Crossed Braids

In this style the hair criss-cross while having curls on the top adding some fun, bounce, and volume to your entire look. This is one of the best styles that you can try.

  1. Chick Braided Bob

This style never lets anyone down as it makes a woman look pretty. It is at its best when done with thin or thick medium braids.

  1. Reverse Flat Twists

Normally cornrows move from the forehead to the nape, in case your hair is short and you wish to have some volume of hair on top of your head, just reverse the cornrows.

  1. Thick Halo Braid

This can come in different styles such as being a full head made up of tiny braids or a single chunky braid that wraps and frames your forehead.

  1. Gorgeous Pocahontas Braids

This is a double plait that is modified using color and side cornrow braids creating casual stunning wear for any event.

  1. Cute Jumbo Twist Braids

Commonly known as crochet braids or jumbo twists, this style has an unfailing edgy, eye-catching and elegant taste. It consists of scattered golden beads which divide the hair mass on your head creating a gorgeous look.

  1. Flat Twists into Twists Out Curls

Recent twist braids normally take advantage of flat twists that consist of freely hanging ends that you can style into braids or curls creating a more stunning look. You can do this on your short hair which has extensions and the style will remain with a natural look.

  1. Black Crown Braid

This is a very simple style but sophisticated and time-consuming. You can move your braid near your head crown or leave it to run with your hairline. Go for a style that is relevant with you faces shape as well as your facial features.

  1. Braid and Side Bang

In case you have a medium tapered cut, you can use this style to rock braids. You can use the longest part of your cut which is in the center to form a braid or increase hair in the side where you will be able to get the most out of it. Creating a sleek bang on a forehead creates a stunning look.

  1. Black Braided Mohawk

Braids have unlimited designs that you can try on. This is Mohawk consisting of braids twisted into curvy cornrows where one point divides into rows forming a jazzy Mohawk which is ideal for a woman who wants to look casual.

  1. Two cornrow boxer Braids

Double braids are better than numerous single braids because they seem like natural hair, especially if the braided hair matches in Hue.

  1. Crossed Twists and Afro Puff Pony

This involves combining more than a single element into one creating a gorgeous hairstyle.

  1. Half-Up and Braided

If you want to look on-point without having to put on too much effort, then this style will help you. You just have to wear black braids half-down, and half-up. The style will make you look sporty, sexy, professional and casual.

  1. Double Braids Updo

These are not only beautiful, but they are practical and creative. Double braids updos are leading a new trend so just get your head done with simple, classy braids.

  1. Mixed Braid Updo for Black Hair

Are you trying to find a fun style to wear when attending a formal ceremony? You can mix different braids of varying sizes creating a fashionable updo that will make you stand out from the crows. Protect it with a silk scarf whenever you go to bed so that it can last longer.

  1. The Most Sophisticated Braided Updo Ever

This style has elegant spirals that are creatively rolled into an amazing updo that will make your head stunning.

  1. Criss –Crossed Braids accompanied by Cornrows

People are not impressed with merely plain braids. You can upgrade your hairstyle using criss-cross braids which vary in thickness by using new angles and trying different styles and you will eventually get an unique style.

  1. Dutch Braid Crown for Black Hair

If your hair is natural and long and you wish to add an extra length, braiding hairstyles can help you do that. It is perfect on nights when you are going out and you do not need to straighten your hair at all.

  1. Revamped Braided Ponytail

This style is not so versatile but it allows creating quirky and fun looks making your look more stunning.

  1. Waves and Braids Suitable for Any Event

Braids that have wave tips offer the best options for hairstyle choices. Make them lose hanging over your shoulders and you will look wonderful.

  1. Bulky Braided Crown Bun

One of the popular styles that is a protective one is a braided bun. This style can be created by using many lengths and textures. It is very easy to add hair on this style creating a bulky crown shape bun.

  1. Twisted Updo having Blonde Highlights

This will help you display your stunning look in a more fashionable way that is accompanied with honey blonde accents. Improve the look of your style by adding a beautiful bouffant on the front side.

  1. Twist from the Box Braid

This is Keri Hilson’s favorite as she wears it in a modern way leaving out the baby hair at the front. She makes sure that her braids are sleeked very perfectly into several tiny tendrils.

There are dozens of stunning styles that you can use to create different designs of braids. All you need is imagination and creativity. Just take your time and take advantage of your beautiful natural thick hair and turn it into something that will leave people’s mouth wide open.

Leading Braided Hairstyles

  1. Freetress Brad

This is a combination of braids and curls which makes an amazing look by drawing out the attraction and elegance of a black woman. If you are looking for a hairstyle that is particularly for making you stand out from the crowd than this style is something for you. To get this style you will have to wash your hair and comb it with a comb that has wider tooth in order to remove all tangles. You can use one among the leading hairstyling products to add some smoothness and make your hair shinny. After that blow dry your hair and now use your finger instead of a comb. When your hair is totally dry then start braiding with a few tight braids from the fore section and then curl the remaining part of the hair using a curling rod. Move your stresses to one side to create a side swept look. Finalize the style by using a spray that will keep your hair shinny and keep it in place.

  1. Gentle Waves With Side Cornrows

This comprises a combination of tight braids and curls together with side parted look. This style is perfect for women who want to explore fancy appearances with their long hair. it is a style that you can try out as it comes with some smooth wavy style. You create it starting with a few sections of your hair. You can side part your hair and then start braiding tight cornrows form one of the sides. Work on small sections at the beginning and then move forward adding more strands while you work to reach the ends making sure that the cornrows will look prominent. You can use a large barrel curling rod to create smooth waves into your hair. Use braids display to make your braids shinny and moisture.

  1. Elegant Twist Braid Bun:

Braids always look best on black American women due to the fact they have thick hair texture. It is you decision when it comes to selecting what kind of hairstyle you want whether it is simple or you need to take it to the next level. But this hairstyle is a good example of elegance and simplicity that can blow your guest minds on your big day. The style is not complicated as it might appear. In order to create this style you will have to start by washing your hair and using hair conditioners. Once you have finished washing your hair you can then apply mousse or any good hairstyling product. Blow dry completely your hair and then gather all your hair towards the crown in order to create a ponytail. Secure the locks using a rubber band so that they can stay in position. Then you have to create a small bun, and also braid a ponytail hair that will appear in French style which you will have to roll it up around the root of the ponytail. Secure it in position using hair pins.

  1. Drawstring Ponytail Updo

This is another elegant braids hairstyle that is extremely great and on trend. In case you no longer want to wear tight braids and you would like to try something that will make you feel comfortable, something that will let you attend all occasions then this is the best style for you. In case you have short or medium length hair, you do not have to worry as you can have long hair with this style. In case your hair is not long enough to get this style, you can try using special braided extension that will make your hair appear long. This hairstyle is easy with your natural hair as you will have to hold your hair creating a ponytail and then start braiding pony hair until you get to the ends. Remember to keep the braids patterns same. Make sure that you keep your hairstyle in place all the day and you can do that by using braid spray as well as black hair pins.

  1. Jamaican Twist

In case you think that a lot of the available hairstyles do not suit you due to the fact that you have short hair while many styles demand long length hair, then don’t you try wearing some wigs. This will not prevent you when you need to switch you old looks into a more stylish one. The style is called Jamaican Twist delivering its name from tight small twist that is all over your head. This hairstyle consumes a lot of time and it is a bit difficult to try making it on your own. You can visit your hairstylist who will help you create this wonderful hairstyle. Braids are good as they give you a break meaning that you will not have to do daily washing as well as brushing and blow drying. But keep in mind that this does not mean that they do not need maintenance. You will have to wash it every 2 weeks to keep them in shape.

  1. Straight Hair With Center Part Cornrow

This is among the most beautiful hairstyles out there. It will definitely make you appear so sexy and attractive. The best part of this style is that it does not discriminate the face shapes as it goes well with every face shape. This style is center-parted with an accurate touch that is on trend and fashionable. You can start creating this hairstyle with fresh and clean hair as well as scalp. Then damp for some minutes the area or your entire hair from the section that you intent to create cornrows. Center part your hair and then create cornrows by beginning from the hairline and moving towards the middle of your head. Use the heat protector spray and then straighten the remaining hair using a straightening iron. Finales apply a shinning serum to make your hair shinny.

  1. Wavy Mohawk Braided Style

This is a kind of hairstyle that will add your personality giving you an entire new look by upgrading your hair creating a totally new package of trendiness and elegance. Women like to play around with their hair as a woman cannot be complete without styling her hair in the best way that she can. You can change your hair from black to some great color giving it an upgrade and a new look. If you have natural curly hair this is the best hair style for you. The style is less time consuming and easy to make. In order to create this hairstyle you will have to hold your curls at the top giving them a MOHAWK appearance, put them in position by holding them using hairpins. Now you have to start braiding small cornrows at the short section on both sides. Finalize styling your hair by using braid spray in order to keep it shinny and prevent it from buildup at its root. The style will make you stand out of the crowd and it works well with any face shape.

  1. Cornrows & French Braids

What can be better than a combination of French braid and eye-catching cornrows? The hairstyle comprises spices and cuteness of magnificence. This style is for all ladies out there who own black hair and are looking out for braided styles that will keep them simple but flowing with the trend. The French and cornrow braids plaited with varieties of patterns at different angles create a perfect braided outlook making every string of hair be in its proper position. In order to make this design magnificent twirl the braids creating a form of low bun.

  1. Curved Braid

Braids are the perfect way in which you can play with your hair creating different styles and looks. This is among the braided hairstyles that capture attention because of its unique features. The most noticeable feature is its ethnic deity plait artwork which switches into different variations. When you think about having an African princess look, partying your dreadlocks into a perfect shaped style that brings a complete new look. This is the style to put on as you have to bend your hair into a “:U” shaped figure. This makes you stunning when you are wearing it.

  1. Twisted Side Rope Braid

This hairstyle will offer you with a complete new look and it is good to ladies who enjoy trying trendy shades on their hair. it is inspired by the Elsa style which comprises twisted rope braids. In order to create this hair style you will have to divide your hair in both sides and then twist them into double parts that begin from the crown. Continue keeping roll of sections as well as making sure that they are intertwined moving all over the hairline and also into full tresses. Then twist your entire hair low towards the roots holding them into position using a hairpin. You must make sure that the beanie is placed rear on the head which will allow the side of the rope braid to be easily notable right in front. Once this is done you will really love this style.

  1. Cute Crown Braid

This is another stunning hairstyle that will surely give a princess like look as it surely reflects its name which is used to describe the style. In case you go for the style then you will have no need of wearing any hair accessories as the style itself is enough for enhancing your hair. The style is sophisticated and it will take a bit of your precious time to create it. It gives an option of setting it down or up according to your preference. The style might seem complicated when it comes to arranging it although crown braids are the simplest hairstyle in arranging them. The style generates a feminine look that is angelic which every woman desires to have. Make no mistake on this and try it today you will see how it attracts men.

  1. Twisted Mohawk

Wearing braided hairstyles and wigs will enhance your appearance and make you stand out from the crowd. Mohawk styles are the talk of the town as they are new trends that are leading the market with their uniqueness. Try it out and enjoy its fashionable and astonishing look via a braided Mohawk. In case you are out of options as well as styles and still you cannot create such hairstyles that will make you comfortable due to the fact that whenever you plait they bother you and get into contact with your face, then this style is for you as it will solve that problem for you. This hairstyle involves braided sides with small cornrows while the rest of the hair is twisted and placed at the crown and secured using hair pins. This hairstyle will suit every lady no matter of her face shape but if you are among those with long faces then this is the best style for you.

  1. Inward Style Braid

This is the easiest hairstyle which is so perfect for those women who have busy routines. It is not just about the braids that are plaited on your entire head that look great on black African women but also the straight hair plays a big role in bringing beauty in the entire persona. As black women have black beautiful hair in nature therefore the straightening look offer them astonishing appearances as well as adding sparks of elegance on their faces. The unique one sided braid keeps the sexiness of this style. The hairdo is very simple to make all you need is just straighten up your hair and then sweep your hair to one of the sides in order to get side parting look. You can plait a one side braid inwardly and keep your hair to the back and pin it to keep it at the bottom. Using a round brush, a blow dryer or anything else together with a straightener, work to bump the ends by polishing them.

  1. Braided Bangs Hairstyle

Bangs are very cute, elegant and have everything that you can imagine of when it comes to spectacular hairstyles. However, they work better if your hair is silky and straight and sometimes they might be irritating as you do not always need hair falling on your face all the time. To prevent this from happening, this is the kind of hairstyle that you need. It has unique features of braided bangs including preventing hair from falling over your face. In addition it offers a glamorous look and you will look so sexy in it. It is simple but elegant and you can wear it in different occasions. Try it when you feel bored of other hair styles and when you feel like having a change.

  1. Braided Updo Galore

This is an amazing braided updo that will make you look gorgeous when you wear it. If you have jet black and shinny hair then you must try this style as it will enhance your looks more and make you look like a fairytale princess. The style features a big bun at the crown as well as a braid that is tied around it. It also features small braids that intertwine into the bun making it look more attractive. Add some beautiful gemstones on your ears which match with the hairstyle and you will have everyone whispering about your looks. This style is good for ladies who have rectangular, round and diamond face shapes.

  1. Double Yarn Braid Buns

This is another yarn braided style that is here to fulfill your desires if you need long hair. the yarn braids reflect tenderness as well as femininity. Basically they these are good for women who do not want to spend much of their time in saloons where as this hairstyle takes much time to create but after creating it, it needs minimal maintenance. The style features double buns unlike other styles which only have a single bun. The buns pass over long braids that hang over the waistline. This hairstyle looks difficult and it is really complicated to make but it offers an amazing effect that will grab everyone’s attention.

  1. Curly Updo With A Touch Of Crown Braid

If you are a good observer you will realize that a phenomenal updo hairdo always includes a crown plait. This hairstyle will bring out your inner beauty and display it to everyone who is around you. It displays an important feature about your natural hair texture. It is a style that works better during the summer season. It has a specific plait that covers the all head creating stunning glance. Everyone will surely offer compliments when you wear this style as it looks great on any kind of face shape.

  1. Vitange Box Braids

Forget about the short, long and complicated box braids and take a shot by trying a new thing that includes box braids which is simple, perfect as well as classy. The style grabs everyone’s attention by making people focus on the braids because this airdo does not display your face contour. There are a variety of designs when it comes to boxer braids but this will give the best of the best. Create two firm French braids making sure that they are organized, fresh, simple but yet perfect.

  1. Simple Curls Having A Side Braid

If you are looking for an elegant easy hairstyle then this is what suits you. This style coordinates with your natural curls and is totally perfect for every lady with natural curls. You can create this hairstyle by separating the fore section of your locks precisely into medium sized parts. Then divide those two parts into other two pairs of small parts and make two braids. Then collect and assemble your tresses crating a side ponytail and incorporate cute hair clips as well as headbands. Make sure that you clean and maintain this style by using braid sprays that will keep your braids clean and shinny.

  1. Double Buns

These are always great especially if you are looking on how to update your hair and you are looking for something innovative that can work with your old hairstyling techniques. This hairstyle comprises complete tenderness and perfection. Keep it like a normal bun or you can create it as a messy bun. You can also add vibrant or printed scrunches on each specific bun creating a new fun twist or making it trendier aiming at grabbing attention from the crowd.

  1. Half Temple Cornrows With A Side Bang

There are a number of hairstyles that come with cornrows as these are the most trending when we think about braids hairstyles. Cornrows make braids look gorgeous and that is why they are in every hairstyle. Cornrows are normally tight and small braids that are put into position near the scalp. There are several designs when it comes to these cornrows such as straight rows or geometric shapes that you can personalize to make them look unique. If you need to pull your hair backwards crating a chic appearance without having to braid all your hair then this is the style you should try out. It includes a side parted style that has cornrows that are created at one side and the remaining hair is curled and offers cascading mermaid look to your entire hair making you appear beautiful and amazing.

  1. Captivating Braid Style

African women love braids as they are the roots of Black women and they are on trend. This hairstyle will require you to braid all your hair or twist it from the root to the top and then cover the entire area of you is a hair in a unique manner. If you would like to have a more amazing look then you can tie up the top of the hair using bobby pins or clip while leaving the lower hair free. This style needs considerable time because thin little braids consume numerous time when braiding. But the results are tremendous because they are unique and elegant. This hairstyle suits every kind of face shape without discriminating any. 

  1. Crisis and Cross Divine Braids

These are among the cutest among the tight cornrow braids. This style is good for daily normal days and it works better for you in case you are tired of having heat hairstyles and this will work better to give your hair some rest. This hair style is good in every occasion especially for seaside vacation as it will make you relax and enjoy. The braids are wide and this makes them good as they take less time to create and are just simple but elegant. These braids are good for women who have round shaped face but this does not mean that you cannot wear them if you have an oval or heart shaped face.

  1. Mohawk Braids

This is a Mohawk braided hairstyle where the hair from the front is cute and descent on your eyes providing you with an attractive look. In addition, the crown hair is made short for a purpose of making them upright in such a way that they appear spiky. The hair on the back is longer as compared to the length of the other hair and that makes them hang on your back. This particular smaller hair elongates from the quite fore side hair moving towards the backside hair. Around the edges, there is quite certain fairly fine and thin braids along the skin which expand upwards providing an amazing style. Make sure that you use light weight hairstyling products to prevent your braids from increasing weight and moving down. The style is good for woman having oval long shaped faces with less curly hair.

  1. Mohawk Braids

These thin braids are so fashionable and so cute for any black woman. They look attractive regardless of their length and that means any woman can wear them it does matter whether the hair is short, medium or long. If you have a light skin tone then you should try out this hairstyle as light skin tone matches perfectly with the this hairstyle making you appear amazing just like an African queen. Dark hair color like dark burgundy and maroon work perfectly than black. This style consumes a lot of time to create but the results are worth it. The style works best for women with elongated faces such as oblong or oval who have coiled thick hair texture.

  1. Braided Crown Updo

This hairstyle is new and in trend. Free hair makes everything simple but creating a style from braids is so tricky and needs experience. Once you are done braiding your hair you can the style them in any fashion that you want and this style is among the tiny twisted braids hairstyle that creates a crown over your head. The good thing about the style is that it displays your cute face. The style suits any face shape regardless of the hair length and type. In case you do not have silky hair type straight hair extension can help you to solve the problem by achieving that.

  1. bold Triangle Parted Box Braid

This is among the amazing braiding hairstyles and it is just like the other braid styles. The only different about this style is that it has wider parted braids. These braids are more prominent. The style is so popular among women these days. By adding other hair accessories such a s beads that will enhance your look. The style has its roots in the 90’s where it was in trend especially in the streets. The style is good for every woman but it is best with thick coarse hair.

  1. side Braided Curly Hairstyle

Changing to a new hairstyle is hard for any woman especially when you have less information about the style. This hair style is among the eye catching style that will make you very attractive. It features thin cornrows braided on the fourth section of the head around the bottom part moving out in a spherical and synchronous manner. After creating tiny cornrow braids which start from the bottom moving right up at the center of the top and then twisted a long creating curls that drop on the sideways down to the top of the eyes. This style is good for women with long face shape and lighter skin tone.

  1. Ponytail with Braids

This hairstyle is extremely attractive and sexy as it comprises braids in a ponytail. Sometimes single braids create a heavy feel but this style reduces the heaviness of the braids as it features a cornrow ponytail which is wearable during the normal days and it won’t make you uncomfortable. It is a style that you can wear on parties, beach, shopping as well as vacations. It is a style that will look good on every woman but it works best with women who have long face shape such as oval or oblong.

  1. Braided Bun

For many years changes in braids design has been done regularly in order to ensure that women are wearing unique styles such as box braids in dye styles. This hairstyle is great where it has micro braids which highlight then cornrow braids in a way that they appear beautiful fluctuating the overall look o the bun. This is fashionable braided bun that will enhance the women appearance to its best. This hairstyle is good for every woman who has any face shape with medium and coiled hair.

  1. Side Bang And Braid

This is the most fabulous among the braided hairstyle that have bangs. If you have a haircut with a one length bob haircut or in case you have a moderate tapered haircut then this style is mainly for you. Braids still look perfect and trendier with this haircut. You can start braiding from the center of your head where the length of the hair is longer. This will help you in getting a good hold. Side bangs at the forehead add extra cuteness as well as elegance to the hairstyle while providing a frame for your cute face. The style works for any face shape and age and every single woman can try this style.

  1. Curly Braid Hawk

In case you are looking for a style that will remain stunning and sexy for a day during an event then this one is the right style for you. this style features a gorgeous curly of Mohawk braids and it is the best style for all women who need a change of style and personality. It is braided upside moving from ear to crown and the crown opened hair hangs down stunningly on the front to complete the look. To complete this style you have to saw the hair on the root on both sides. The style looks amazing on women who have inverted triangle face shape with medium coarse hair.

  1. Chain Braid Bun

This style is feature a complete package of lovely looks which are perfectly clean and sophisticated at the same time. To get an instant clean appearance you should first take a part of your hair to create a decent bun and then carry on creating parts for braiding sections. Using gel into the square areas, you have to separate a thin part by positioning them using a rubber band and then proceed until you make sure that the section is complete. Then turn onto a ponytail and create a bun. The style looks amazing for women who have oval or heart face shape with medium coarse hair.

  1. Two Different Tone Separate Braids

It is amazing when two distinctive braids when mixed to each other as they create an attractive micro braids styles that contain excellent features which has a two blended color quality. This increases the braids while makes them stand out. To complete the style, you have to braid your entire head with clean hair and then hold some section using synthetic or human hair until you get the length that you desire. Fill the fore section from ear to ear by applying tiny braid techniques. Finalize by combining all hair making a style by holding them in position using rubber bands. The style works best with oval face shaped women with medium coarse hair.

  1. Inward Braid Delight

This style will make you have the prettiest and attractive personality which will completely change how you look and make you stand out of the crowd. To make this style more sexy and cute, it comprises special braid to one side only and this makes the hairstyle really hot. We recommend that you straighten your hair immediately after making your inward braid. Place a pin at the bottom so that it holds your hair in the back position. The style looks amazing on women with wider faces.

  1. The braided Goddess

This hairstyle will give you comfort and ease anytime during the night and day. The style comes with braided updo containing so many pizzazz and can create a unique style. Start by making a base of braid inside the French braids . to finalize the style take some hair strips and twist them to make twisted braids. Forge these braids into a definite shape using pins so as to secure them in position and create a beautiful bun to the front. The hairstyle looks amazing in woman having oval face shape or round face shape with medium coarse hair.

  1. Curly Hawk With Side Branch Braids

Try this super sexy creative look as it will completely transform your look into a new fashionable trend that will make you have an updated personality. This is among the sophisticated but funky Mohawk style created in such a way that it is attractive. To achieve this you must first part your hair into several sections, and then create small cornrows over your entire head. Braided must be done from left to right near the ear top and the middle hair should be allowed to hang to your back while some of the hair should be left to hang at the front so as to form a Mohawk style. The style works best on women who have round face shape.

  1. Single Braided French Roll At Top

If you are looking for a decent but yet sophisticated look, this is one for you. it is easy to carry for every day routine as it will make you feel comfortable but yet fabulous without having to apply too much effort. In order to complete this style straighten your hair out to the back so that to create a complete braid. Use a classy pomade to create a curved shape in order to achieve a French roll that will make you so classy. In order to finalize the style you have to continue with the remaining side and work on it too. The style is gorgeous on women with round face shape.

  1. Braided Shell

Do you love mermaid style? If you are blessed with long hair then it is time to display your versatile look. This style with cute tresses stunningly that covers the hair around with a super trend accessory that is placed at the tip. In order to have that same look you have to start working to braid your hair making a triangular shape on top of your head, then slowly move towards the lover part. Continue braiding while adding hair from each side of the face. As you get to the bottom add pieces while preceding them from the hairline beneath the hair. to finalize the style secure this braid with an elastic rubber band. However this hairstyle looks cute on the women who have oval shaped face.

  1. Side Bang And Braid

This is the most fabulous among the braided hairstyle that have bangs. If you have a haircut with a one length bob haircut or in case you have a moderate tapered haircut then this style is mainly for you. Braids still look perfect and trendier with this haircut. You can start braiding from the center of your head where the length of the hair is longer. This will help you in getting a good hold. Side bangs at the forehead add extra cuteness as well as elegance to the hairstyle while providing a frame for your cute face. The style works for any face shape and age and every single woman can try this style.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyle For Heart Faces

Heart faced women have hairstyles that match with it in a stunning way without discriminating their skin tone. If you are one of those women having heart faces then you can try a variety of colors be it neutral or bold, I guarantee you that you will still look amazing. But be careful with colored hair as well as blonde. For black braided hairstyles when it comes to heart faces this style makes tremendous outcomes. You can plait a long wave in a natural black with light brown highlights adding a few numbers of small boxes around the crown going in all the directions. Or you may create big cornrows following the curves of your head moving to the back of the crown, and then add a brown and black highlighted hair extension in order to make it long enough to touch your back. Create big hair pieces around the back of the crown that will cover the end of the cornrows. Make sure that you stitch the hair ending in order to make it firm and keep it in place. The good thing about this hair style is that it will leave your face visible from both angles while making you so beautiful.

  1. Best Rocking Box Braided Hairstyle

Over centuries braid styles are evolving from time to time and this has led to women creating new add-ons creating new styles such as box braids with extra colors making them look modern and fashionable. Blonde Rocking Box Beyonce is among the latest brand of Rocking Braids which is more modern. This style is a result of hairstylists developing new techniques that they use in plaiting hair making them more fashionable uplifting women and making them look classy. Working on your beauty will make you presentable and beautiful. Rocking Box Braids will make you look so cute and it will let you add multi-colors as well as decide on the braid length creating different styles. Another option for those ladies having round faces is to plaint the braids longer as well as pulling it from the back towards the forehead making it cover half of their faces and reach on top of the eyes. This will make two braids of folded sides which will cover one of the eyes making a perfect finish. You can add stylish silver or brown earrings to finalize your look.

  1. Best Long Black Braided Hairstyle For Bridesmaid

In case you want to appear astonishing as a bridesmaid but yet you would like to keep it simple this is the best option for you. Many bridesmaids like using straight, curly or wavy hair extensions as well as weaves to enhance their looks. Just make sure that your entire hair pieces look the same and very simple but yet elegant. For this kind of hairstyle you will have to plaint a bit of cornrows halfway on one of the side as well as the crown starting from the front moving few inches in to the center of the crown and then the rest of the hair should be left with big waves which will touch your shoulders creating an impressive look. This style will make you stand out of the crowd as well as feel comfortable when attending other important functions. You can use high Yaky braids to get this kind of look.

  1. Best Black Braided For Little girls Hairstyle

Children like playing around and should be shown tender and love from anyone who is close to them. When you want to choose a hairstyle for your kid you have to consider a style that will take less time to plaint but the result should be neat because kids get tired so quickly and they cannot sit without playing for a long time. In addition, you have to select a style which will not cause them pains during the plaiting process as well as that style should be simple and enhance your kid’s look. Due to the mentioned reason this style is among the best styles that you can choose for your kid. It will not cause bruises or red marks like how other hairstyles do. Make sure that you that your kid’s outfit matches with this style. The kid’s hair can be divided into several sections forming a flower like shape braided in pencil lines and then finalizing the process with small boxes that touch her shoulder.

  1. Best Long Black Braided Hairstyle For Bridesmaid

In case you want to appear astonishing as a bridesmaid but yet you would like to keep it simple this is the best option for you. Many bridesmaids like using straight, curly or wavy hair extensions as well as weaves to enhance their looks. Just make sure that your entire hair pieces look the same and very simple but yet elegant. For this kind of hairstyle you will have to plaint a bit of cornrows halfway on one of the side as well as the crown starting from the front moving few inches in to the center of the crown and then the rest of the hair should be left with big waves which will touch your shoulders creating an impressive look. This style will make you stand out of the crowd as well as feel comfortable when attending other important functions. You can use high Yaky braids to get this kind of look.

  1. Braided Up Do Hairstyle

Adding a style over your braided hair makes you look younger as well as making you more attractive. Up dos normally collect hair on the crown preventing heat as well as improving your looks. This is a great style for weddings, parties as well as other formal occasions. The style requires an up do which is stylish, up to date, simple and modern which will make you more sexy and attractive. When it comes to black colored up do’s it will make you look perfect no matter of your face shape as well as tone but when it comes to colored up do’s it is much selective depending on color tones. In case you we wanted to look so astonishing then this is the right braid style that will suit you. You can add pencil braids from different angles then make them collect at the crown. In addition you can twist and coil your braids at the top and that will make you look so classy. Black braided up do’s can be easily accessorized as they are found in different length bangles, earrings as well as makeup. This hairstyle is perfect for brides and you can have this style on your big wedding day in case you want to leave everyone supersized with your looks.

  1. Gentle Waves With Side Cornrows

This comprises a combination of tight braids and curls together with side parted look. This style is perfect for women who want to explore fancy appearances with their long hair. it is a style that you can try out as it comes with some smooth wavy style. You create it starting with a few sections of your hair. You can side part your hair and then start braiding tight cornrows form one of the sides. Work on small sections at the beginning and then move forward adding more strands while you work to reach the ends making sure that the cornrows will look prominent. You can use a large barrel curling rod to create smooth waves into your hair. Use braids display to make your braids shinny and moisture.

  1. Elegant Twist Braid Bun:

Braids always look best on black American women due to the fact they have thick hair texture. It is you decision when it comes to selecting what kind of hairstyle you want whether it is simple or you need to take it to the next level. But this hairstyle is a good example of elegance and simplicity that can blow your guest minds on your big day. The style is not complicated as it might appear. In order to create this style you will have to start by washing your hair and using hair conditioners. Once you have finished washing your hair you can then apply mousse or any good hairstyling product. Blow dry completely your hair and then gather all your hair towards the crown in order to create a ponytail. Secure the locks using a rubber band so that they can stay in position. Then you have to create a small bun, and also braid a ponytail hair that will appear in French style which you will have to roll it up around the root of the ponytail. Secure it in position using hair pins.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyle With A Puff

This is another braided hairstyle that comes with a puff. The style does not discriminate any face shape as well as skin tones and it is good for teens and women below 50 years of age. The only thing that matters is that you will have to careful choosing the color that perfectly matches with your skin tone. You can go for big boxes braids which are puffed on the left side while falling over your shoulders with black and brown highlights in order to make it colorful. On the other hand you can plait a few hair inches on one side and create a line in the center to plaint just few inches too moving to the left hand side while leaving hair to fall to the shoulder with waves. You can part your hair on the right hand side into sideways that move towards the top corner of your head in order to secure it with head pins in order to create a min puff that will create an attraction. Adding makeup that will match your skin tone will make you appear attractive and sexy.

  1. Outstanding French Style Braids

These are funny and exciting braids which will make you fashionable and on trend. The hairstyle will entirely cover your head in an amazing style. It is very stylish and it is always on fashion. It has beautiful thick braids that start at your bangs which perfectly wrap your head while displaying your braids curve. The hair are braided as well as rolled up to the crown on top of your head. It also displays a bun in a unique style. This style is best for women who have a diamond face shape.

African hair braiding advice and guideline

Summertime and the living should be easy-especially when you decide to trade in your everyday style for of-the-moment for some African hair braids. Here is what you need to know before you decide to put in a new hair style? We gotten some expert to help you enjoy your protective style with no strings attached.

You need first to find The Right Salon
“When you are picking an african braiding salon/stylist it's important to know their professional experience,” explains many braiders. With that you can really gauge their level of expertise and choose exactly who's right person for the particular hairstyle that you are looking to get. The proof is always in the pudding. You should always ask yourself: Is this braider a skilled braider? A great weaver or talented hair cutter? With hair styling, practice makes perfect so make sure you check out some of their work and/or client testimonies on their google review or facebook page, hair style pictures, photo before sitting in the chair. As a customer, always ask which stylist the african salon owner or receptionist would recommend—they tend to secretly know every stylist's strengths and weaknesses.”

You should consider Your Hair Texture
“The most beautiful hair type for braids is black hair that is full and very thick, so that the hair can support the braids you will be wearing,” shares some of the best natural hairstylist. “If your Hair is not full or is fine, fragile, thin, short and damaged should avoid any hairstyle that would put weight on your hair or hairline and cause traction alopecia—a form of balding from tugging or putting tension on hair.”

What can of hair extension do you need? Opt for Human Hair
nowadays, hair used for extensions are available in many variety of textures such as Brazilian, Cambodian, European, India, Mongolian, and Peruvian hair types. Also, these hair types are very different in textures, anything from straight, wavy, body wave, loose curls, spiral curls, deep waves, tight deep curl and kinky curly. You should be aware that All virgin human unprocessed hair usually is available in its natural off-black or brown color. But, this hair can also be colored to match your hair color or processed colored hair

Avoid Any Surprises
As a braiders, you should all the time wash your extensions before installing—but only for weaves—to see its true hair wave pattern, texture and color. Extensions after wash reveal their true nature, their selves. It is almost like washing your makeup off your face to reveal your bare, true skin.

How long can you wear your African braids for? Set a Time Limit
Black braids should usually be left in for six weeks, with a possible retouch on your hairline after your third weeks, so that your hairline is not hanging on by a thread and stays nice and strong. While wearing your braids be sure to apply Profectiv Mega Growth Anti-Thinning Temple Recovery to your hairline to keep it from thinning. Most of the time you should be able to tell when it's time to take your hair braids out when the scalp feels very sensitive from any movement or when the base looks dry and starts to lock up. Another indication you've had your braids is being wear too long, is when your new growth is about 1/2inch from your scalp—you should be taking down the hair by then

How to take of African braids? Wash Your Braids correctly
you should know that the scalp should always get shampooed even when you have hair with braids in the hair. Here is the proper procedure for shampooing braids is:

1. Dilute cleansing shampoo with 3 quarters water in a squeeze bottle with a straight spout

2. Apply shampoo to the scalp and massage generously before rinsing

3. Rinse very well, and thoroughly and let the water and shampoo rinse over the braids, just smoothing hands over braids. Avoid 'roughing up' your braids.

Skip Conditioner
It is usually advised to hair braiders clients not to condition their braids—surprise, surprise. In fact Conditioning masks and conditioners tend to loosen braids because of their silken qualities. You should be aware that conditioners will definitely affect the wear life span and often times will cut it in half. You should be using hydrating shampoos and oils sprays on braided hairstyles instead.

How to treat your scalp? Relieve a Dry Scalp
when your hair is in braids (or even without them), it's always a good idea to treat the scalp with some pre-shampoo—also you should know as pre-poo—oil treatment especially for dry, itchy scalp. You should Apply oil, massage into your African hair braiding scalp, and place under a steamer or heat for maybe fifteen minutes, then rinse properly, shampoo and condition you black braids. This method exfoliates and lubricates the scalp. On a daily basis, use a light hair oil or serum to lubricate the scalp.”

Did I mention this already? NO? ok Keep Your Hair Hydrated
The only Best way to make sure your hair is constantly moisturized is to spritz your hair with a 8oz. bottle of water mixed with 3 table spoons of Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-In-Conditioner with 2 teaspoons of olive oil. You should simply shake and spray whenever you feel like you need a little more moisture while wearing your protective style.”

*Please let us know before you come in if you have Bald Spot, or if you have alopecia hair loss treatment. Or if you need a cover up for a bald spot with net weave or if you have thin hair. If you are located in one of the following area of near us and need hair stylist, please give us a call. Waunakee (village), WI- Beloit, WI- Fitchburg, Wi- Sun prairie, Wi- Portage, Wi- Platteville- Stoughton, Wi- Baraboo, WI- Bellevue, WI – Monroe, WI – delafield, WI – Dodgeville, WI – Evansville, WI - Lake Mills, WI

We serves these areas Jecedah, WI Hauston, WI Strongs Prairie, WI Dellwood, WI White Creek, WI Lyndon Station, WI Plainville, WI Friendship Adams, WI Cottonville, WI Big Flats, WI Hancock, WI Coloma, WI Westfield, WI Endeavor, WI Douglas Center, WI Big Spring, WI Oxford, WI Brooks, WI Grand Marsh, WI Richford, WI Harrisville, WI Glen Oak, WI Wild Rose, WI Wautoma, WI Dakota, WI Budsin, WI Montello, WI Mecan, WI Neshkoro, WI Spring Lake, WI Mt Morris, WI Saxeville, WI Redgranite, WI Princeton, WI Kingston, WI Manchester, WI Markesan, WI Green Lake, WI Auroraville, WI Poy Sippi, WI Brushville, WI Tustin, WI Eureka, WI Ripon, WI Fairwater, WI Brandon, WI Alto, WI Pickett, WI Waukau, WI Omro, WI Zion, WI Winneconne, WI Zittau, WI Ridgeway, WI Jonesdale, WI Waldwick, WI Fayette, WI Red Rock, WI South Wayne, WI Wiota, WI Woodford, WI Argyle, WI Yellowstone, WI Blanchardville, WI Moscow, WI Hollandale, WI Dalleyville, WI Mt Horeb, WI Vermont, WI Pine Bluff, WI Riley, WI Verona, WI Primrose, WI Belleville, WI New Glarus, WI Exeter, WI Monticello, WI Attica, WI Steams, WI Monroe, WI Juda, WI Albany, WI Madison, WI Fitchburg, WI Oregon, WI Brocklyn, WI Brodhead, WI Avon, WI Orfordville, WI Magnolia, WI Evansville, WI Cooksville, WI Kegonsa, WI Mcfarland, WI Cottage Grove, WI Fulton, WI Edgerton, WI Janesville, WI Afton, WI Shopiere, WI Milton, WI Koshkonong, WI Rockdale, WI Cambridge, WI Deerfield, WI Lake Mills, WI Jefferson, WI Fort Atkinson, WI Cold Spring, WI Whitewater, WI Richmond, WI Johnstown, WI Emerald Grove Avalon, WI Clinton, WI Walworth, WI Delavan, WI Williams Bay, WI Elkhorn, WI Lauderdale Lakes, WI La Grange, WI Palmyra, WI Eagle, WI Hebron, WI Rome, WI Sullivan, WI Johnson Creek, WI Viola, WI Sylvan, WI Bosstown, WI Westport, WI Fennimore, WI Blue River, WI Basswood, WI Boaz, WI Bloom City, WI West Lima, WI Yuba, WI Hub City, WI Rockbridge, WI Richland Center, WI Sextonville, WI Highland, WI Lone Rock, WI Bear Valley, WI Keyesville, WI Ithaca, WI Cazenovia, WI Lime Ridge, WI Hill Point, WI Plain, WI Coon Rock, WI Loganville, WI Rock Springs, WI Reedsburg, WI La Rue, WI Leland, WI Denzer, WI Witwen, WI Mazomanie, WI Black Earth, WI Riley, WI Middleton, WI Maple Bluff, WI Springfield Corners, WI Waunakee, WI Sun Prairie, WI Windsor, WI Dane, WI Deforest, WI Morrisonville, WI Prairie Du Sac, WI Sauk City, WI Lodi, WI Arlington, WI Lowville, WI Poynette, WI Baraboo, WI Dekorra, WI Rio, WI Moon Valley, WI Portage, WI Pardeeville, WI Wyocena, WI Durwards Glen, WI Paoli, WI Rutland, WI Brooklyn, WI Columbus, WI East Bristol, WI York Center, WI Marshall, WI Waterloo, WI Portland, WI Stoughton, WI Reeseville, WI Astico, WI Richwood, WI Hubbleton, WI Milford, WI Watertown, WI Ebenezer, WI Ixonia , WI Ashippun, WI Clyman, WI Neosho, WI Oconomowoc, WI Rubicon, WI Hartford, WI Thompson, WI Slinger, WI Jackson, WI Richfield, WI Hubertus, WI Sussex, WI Grafton, WI Cedarburg, WI Mequon, WI Thiensville, WI Brown Deer, WI Glendale, WI Whitefish Bay, WI Shorewood, WI New Berlin, WI Greenfield, WI Raymond, WI Caledonia, WI Big Bend, WI Potter Lake, WI Tichigan, WI Wind Lake, WI Muskego, WI Wales, WI North Prairie, WI Helenville, WI Woodman, WI Stitzer, WI Lancaster, WI Hurricane, WI Ellenboro, WI Potosi, WI Dickeyville, WI Cuba City, WI Elk Grove, WI Platterville, WI Rewey, WI Belmont , WI Elkgrove, WI Livingston, WI Cobb, WI Edmund, WI Linden, WI Mineral Point, WI Dodgeville, WI Calamine, WI Truman, WI Darlington, WI Cross Plains, WI Barneveld, WI Forward, WI Newark, WI Lake Geneva, WI East Troy, WI Pewaukee, WI Waukesha, WI West Allis, WI Franklin, WI Milwaukee, WI Mt Pleasant, WI Burlington, WI Browns Lake, WI Union Grove, WI Paddock Lake, WI Bohners Lake, WI Apple River, WI Stockton, WI Willow, WI Kent, WI Pearl City, WI Polsgrove, WI Chadwick, WI Mt Carroll Historic District, WI Lanark, WI Georgetown, WI Shannon, WI Lena, WI Waddams Grove, WI Nora, WI Winslow, WI Eleroy, WI Olamo, WI Oneco, WI Orangeville, WI Cedanville, WI Scioto Mills, WI Freeport, WI Forreston, WI Brookville, WI Adeline , WI Leaf River, WI Byron, WI Stillman Valley, WI Seward, WI Alworth, WI Winnebago, WI Ridott, WI Wempletown, WI Pecatonica, WI Durand, WI Shirland Harrison, WI Rockton, WI Beloit, WI South Beloit, WI Roscoe, WI Loves Park, WI Machesney Park, WI Rockford, WI New Milford, WI Monroe Center, WI Kirkland, WI Genoa, WI Clane, WI Colvin Park, WI Irene, WI Hampshire, WI Union, WI Garden Prairie, WI Belvidere, WI Cherry Valley, WI Timberlane, WI Poplar Grove, WI Capron, WI Lawrence, WI Harvard, WI Alden, WI Lindenwood, WI Hartland, WI Woodsrock, WI Zenda, WI Sharon, WI

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